Ride your way with adrenaline rush while witnessed the amazing ocean view

Visit Langkawi’s popular islands on a thrilling jet ski tour

Witness the feeding of magnificent eagles – also known as the King of the Skies – right before your eyes

See the mythical Lake of the Pregnant Maiden – a hill shaped like a pregnant woman lying on her back

Explore crystal clear waters and get sweeping views of the ocean at Beras Basah Island

For a more relaxing adventure, opt for a speedboat tour and explore the many maritime wonders of Langkawi

On the northwestern coast of Malaysia you’ll find Langkawi, a serene archipelago of 99 islands. Boasting of white sandy shores, rich flora and fauna, and bargain shopping, Langkawi is a certified paradise away from the city. The clear turquoise waters are irresistibly inviting and the surrounding nearby islands offer unique activities for participants to enjoy. Join a jet ski tour and as you’re led by a professional guide, visit various islands like Beras Basah Island, Intan Kecil Island, and more! Feel a sense of freedom as you maneuver your own vehicle around the blue waters and go as fast as you want! Stop by the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden and watch the live feeding of eagles at Pulau Singa Besar. Depending on your chosen package, you can also make a stop at the mangroves at Tuba Island and take a tour around Andaman sea. 


RM180 Per Unit With Capacity