Langkawi Banana Boat

A Banana Boat Ride must certainly be on your list if you are on a beach holiday. It is one of the activities you cannot afford to miss if you’re traveling with a group of friends and family. A banana boat ride gives you the same excitement as other water sports adventures.

Our exciting Banana boat rides are attached to a jet ski and are designed to deliver an exhilarating experience at an affordable price. Get ready for the ride with our Banana Boat Rides while enjoying the panorama of the beaches of Langkawi as you run around.

Our boats are designed for up to 8 thrill-seekers to sit on and hold on to handles to avoid falling off. Buckle up tight, and prepare for our Banana Boat Rides’ joy and excitement. We’ll ensure you’re safe whilst at the same time challenging you to hold on as tightly as possible. You will also receive a thorough briefing by our experienced and trained team.

You can take some time chilling back on the beach by grabbing some refreshments or you can just unwind and relax enjoying the mesmerizing view. Before you jet off and enjoy bouncing across the water. Fun, thrill, excitement – and everything at a reasonable price awaits you!

How much?

RM 35 per person

Duration: 10 minutes; no. Of guests 2—6

Don’t forget! For the very best value, you can book one of our great silver packages.

What is included?

  • Life jackets are provided for your safety
  • Full-safety briefing
  • Safety marshal on standby at all times
  • Free access